How we knit together your content, customer relations, and/or association management systems to simplify user experiences

We believe your integration should be completely seamless

Brightfind has integrated CMS, CRM, and AMS software for over 400 clients. We've gotten pretty good at it. We believe your integration should be completely seamless, so in its ease of use, it conveys how highly you value your members. In return, they will notice and appreciate your value to them.

Redesigning a website sure isn’t what it used to be. Brightfind's Vice President of Professional Services, Emily Witt, has first-hand experience in leading future-focused redesigns according to a new paradigm, which she shares in her ebook, "Incorporating Data into Your Website Redesign Process."

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Personalizing the Experience of your Website Users

Although content may be king on your website, it must be directly relevant to its constituents in order to rule effectively. By strategically integrating a customer relation management system (CRM) or an association management system (AMS) with your CMS, you can effectively personalize the experience of your website users.

    Integration must be done expertly
    and provide the capability for:

  • Single sign-on
  • Simple authorization process
  • Easily accessible content
  • Minimally demanding joining, renewal, and event registration processes
  • Member activity tracking
  • Tailored dashboards
  • Targeted links
  • Consistent design among multiple websites.
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Achieving seamless integrations

Do you aspire to a seamless integration between or among your content, customer relations, and association management systems? Did you know that Brightfind enjoys an excellent reputation for achieving seamless integrations? Would you like to see some examples?


We’re better together.

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