Brightfind’s development process is the creation of the story that will be your website.

Do you want your website to begin with a reliable, well maintained base, coded by certified, senior developers? Do you want your content to display for maximum effect? Do you want the look and feel of your website to achieve the strategic goals you envision?

Of course you do!

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Our Process, Your Story

Brightfind’s development process is the creation of the story that will be your website. The story’s structure is built upon a combination of best practices, the foundation of which is a base project complete with standard controls and/or templates. We develop the individual elements of your website story to meet your specific business goals. All together, these create a content-driven experience on your website, which expresses the voice, the look, the feel, and most importantly, the desired effect of your website story.

If your organization sponsors multiple sites, we can develop interchangeable templates with plug and play functionality so all sites can uniformly display your brand, but address their own constituencies separately.

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Building Trust Through Experience

The process begins with learning your wants so that we can translate them into requirements, and then into testable wireframes. From there, our solution architecture process determines the solid technical specifications we develop for your approval. Solidity does not mean rigidity – these are living, breathing documents that grow along with your concept of your website, before and after launch.


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