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How we marry your expansive content to your Content Management System (CMS)

Content Management Systems

Our Implementation Process, Your Success

Did you know that the effectiveness of your Content Management System (CMS) is very dependent on the effectiveness of your implementation? That’s because implementation is how you marry your content to your CMS. And that is why Brightfind’s implementation process is based on a Discovery of your content – its users, its administrators, its priorities, and its protocols. When we gain a thorough understanding of your content in the context of your business objectives, we strategize how we can leverage your CMS capabilities to serve them most effectively.

We implement your CMS so you can easily manage your content. We also take the time to teach you about your CMS, so that you can use its capabilities yourself, after launch.

Brightfind specializes in CMS implementation for big content such as yours. It’s a big job, and done effectively, it means big success for your website strategy.

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Brightfind’s style is proactively client-centric. Long before, as well as during implementation, we consider and analyze every aspect of your deep content, anticipating problems and architecting their solutions. We are committed to your best interests and to eventually putting you in control of your own website. We are quite sure your website will wear this style well, and for a long, long time.
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The skills of our implementers enable them to weave together design and function with back-end controls, resulting in websites distinguished for their ease of use. Honed specifically to meet the needs of your deep content, our team’s skills are further employed to build customized templates for your project, and to choreograph all of your technical components to work in sync.
Brightfind Beliefs
Brightfind believes that data-supported decisions result in websites that achieve marketing goals. Data collecting and analyses provide you valuable information about your users’ actual behavior and allows you to respond effectively. Your best implementation plan includes keeping up with your changing organizational goals and the changing needs of your constituents by using data to continually update and improve your website.

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