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Higher Logic serves organizations that serve communities and the subspecialties within them. Its software enables discussion groups, document libraries, and glossaries, fostering collaboration within specific constituencies. Through Higher Logic, organizations can collect data to provide its users relevant information for their specific needs and interests.

How Can Brightfind Help?

Brightfind can help you maximize your Higher Logic software by providing magnetic design and UX services that invite, stimulate, and sustain community engagement. We create designs and craft user experiences that are tailored to the needs, expectations, and goals of your end-users. If you are considering a Higher Logic platform, consider making the most of it with Brightfind design and UX services.

Design Services

Brightfind designs Higher Logic websites and microsites that establish and continually reinforce your users’ engagement with the community.

  • Brightfind assesses the best design for fostering your community’s engagement capabilities through a Discovery process of learning your goals and those of your constituents, and then designing for their achievement.
  • Brightfind’s designs engage community, reinforce your brand, and showcase your value to your constituents.

UX Services

Brightfind ensures that the user experiences of your community are enriching and satisfying and encourage ongoing engagement and interaction.

  • Brightfind conducts interviews, focus groups, surveys and more to develop the personas that comprise your community members and to assess their goals for your website.
  • Brightfind can also conduct usability testing and data analysis to ensure that your web features serve your user and community goals as intended.

Before & After Designs

We invite you to explore Brightfind's transformational designs for facilitating community connections.

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We love to build websites that build community! Brightfind has designed more Higher Logic sites than any other agency, and we are interested in your vision for online community engagement. Let’s discuss how we can design to achieve your goals on your Higher Logic platform.

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