Ektron is an enterprise class content management system (CMS) and digital marketing platform.

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If your website uses an Ektron platform, and you aren’t ready to switch to Episerver, Brightfind can help. As Ektron’s Association Partner of the Year for five years running, we are the go-to agency for implementing, developing, maintaining, and upgrading your Ektron content management system.

How Can Brightfind Help?

As Ektron’s “Elite” partner, Brightfind has developed special expertise in providing a full range of web services for the Ektron platform. In addition to implementation, design, development, integration, and maintenance services, Brightfind can build microsites, install templates, and upgrade older systems to Ektron 9.1.

Maintenance and Upgrades

Brightfind knows your Ektron platform from the inside out and how it must accommodate your content and integrate with your Association Management System. As your system ages, your website must still stay vibrant and current. Brightfind is the web agency that can keep you afloat until you are ready to upgrade, and then, we can perform that service for you.

Ektron and Episerver

Just as Ektron underwent a change by merging with Episerver, eventually, you might consider changing to the new, combined platform. When that day comes, Brightfind’s certified Episerver developers can ensure that the change is beneficial for both you and your website visitors. Brightfind can ease your transition to a new platform by gradually preparing you for it long in advance. Move forward at your own pace with Brightfind’s support.

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What does the Ektron/Episerver merger mean for your website? Brightfind can serve as your guide through upgrades, redesigns, and maintenance.

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Brightfind’s certified developers can perform your Ektron 9.1 upgrade, and, when you’re ready, your upgrade to Episerver.

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