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With its sophisticated integration capabilities for personalized and satisfying user experiences, the Sitecore Experience Platform also scales to accommodate massive amounts of content. Learn More
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A highly customizable content management system, Episerver connects ecommerce with digital marketing to create unique customer experiences. Learn More
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An enterprise content management system, Ektron is renowned for its personalization capabilities, intuitive content authoring, synchronization features, and faceted Solr search. Learn More
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Serving organizations that serve communities and the subspecialties within them, Higher Logic software fosters collaboration within specific constituencies. Learn More

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USO Brightfind
Do potential supporters grasp the value that you provide your constituents? Do they have an outdated view of your brand? Download USO Case Study
SOA Brightfind
If you must continually update events, jobs, news, and more, and prefer doing so yourself, a card-based design for your user-interface might serve you best. That's what we created for the Society of Actuaries (SOA). Download SOA Case Study
AG Bell Brightfind
How would you make the most of your one opportunity? The Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (AG Bell) faced this question when they won a grant to build a Listening and Spoken Language Knowledge Center. And with the help of Brightfind, they arrived at some exceedingly wise answers. Download AG Bell Case Study


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