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Case Study

International Institute of Business Analysis

A new CMS, a new AMS, and a new website design enables IIBA to reach new audiences.


The business analysis world is evolving and so is the International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA). The industry is expanding across different professions that now require more people to have strong business analysis skills. IIBA recognizes this and believes new markets can benefit greatly from the association’s resources, education, and community. 

To make this vision a reality IIBA needed its website and technologies to align with its new strategic goals.

A new AMS. A new CMS. A new website.

With aggressive membership goals on the horizon, IIBA’s need for an improved website and updated technologies was imminent. A major AMS acquisition combined with a new CMS implementation may seem daunting, but not for IIBA. The association turned to Brightfind for a website redesign and to implement a new content management system (CMS) that would be tightly integrated to Fonteva, its newly selected association management system (AMS).

After careful evaluation, IIBA chose Episerver as its CMS due to its ease of use and open APIs for integration. The chosen platform, combined with Brightfind’s extensive expertise developing tight system integrations, led to a seamless experience for end-users, and a streamlined set of processes for staff.

Highlighted Services
  • Digital Strategy
  • Design and User Experience
  • CMS Development
  • Analytics and Support
Featured Platforms
  • Episerver
  • Fonteva

Staying true to its brand.

As part of the redesign process, Brightfind’s creative team developed the typography (font and scale) first, and the rest of the site was designed around it. This provided a smart structure to support the visual hierarchy, and the strong font choice emphasized the personality of IIBA. The website was intentionally designed with various neutrals in order to reduce any potential negative impact of various colors with IIBA’s large international audience.

Before and after images of the IIBA website.  New websites is clean and professional and highlights the mobile website. Before and after images of the IIBA website.  New websites is clean and professional and highlights the mobile website.

An incredible experience for both staff and constituents.

Throughout the project, Brightfind concentrated on greatly improving the user experience to help IIBA attract and engage new members and to keep the current ones coming back for more. The new information architecture (IA) enables constituents to quickly find what they need, plus it supports search engine optimization best practices. Now IIBA’s web visitors can find exactly what they are looking for—the first time.
Thanks to the single sign-on integration, members (both former and new) don’t have to log in repeatedly. Plus, website updates have never been easier for staff. And, when anyone familiar with IIBA reaches its website, the familiar brand lets them know they’ve reached the right place. 


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