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Hospital medicine is fast-paced, exciting, and innovative. The website for SHM, the industry that serves the profession, was anything but. Brightfind helped SHM build the website its constituents deserve.

SHM engaged with Brightfind to perform a strategic website redesign and implement Episerver Content Management System (CMS), which integrates tightly with their Association Management Software (AMS), Personify360.


Episerver revolutionizes the way employees work.

SHM selected Episerver because it is highly adaptable with its robust APIs. By default, it can support multiple languages and allows for multi-site architecture. This enables SHM to have an unlimited number of smaller conference sites that can co-exist within the same CMS. 
This centralized hub allows for better tracking of the user journey, a consistent layout, a streamlined editorial process, and most importantly any current or future enhancements within Episerver can be shared by all subsites.
Highlighted Services
  • Digital Strategy
  • Design and User Experience
  • CMS Development
  • Analytics and Support
Featured Platforms
  • Episerver
  • Personify360

A smart design that embodies life as a hospitalist.

Brightfind’s creative team chose dynamic and energetic imagery to reflect the daily life of hospitalists. Proper tone invites hospitalists to be part of the community and take action. Prominent call-to-actions and “sticky” navigation enable visitors to easily: join, learn, network, and make transactions. “Quick links” give a direct path to popular resources. The intuitive information architecture (IA) allows visitors to easily find what they need. Plus, Episerver Find adds powerful search functionality to the website.

Before and after images of the SHM website. Original image is  wordy. New image highlights busy hospitalists rushing with a focus on two hospitalists talking. SHM website before and after a new website design.

Streamlined and personalized.

Prior to implementing Episerver and launching the new website, SHM’s marketing staff had to call IT every time they wanted to make a change or update. The process was long and tedious. The marketing team now takes advantage of flexible templates and the ability to easily implement marketing campaigns and create new digital experiences.

The tight integration to Personify360 along with the personalization capabilities enables marketers to optimize visitors’ web journeys. All without calling IT for help.

Numbers worth celebrating:


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