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Brightfind excels at helping organizations listen to their constituents. And if there has ever been a time to truly listen it’s now. Do so successfully with virtual user research. Learn about your web visitors’ values, motivations, and expectations. Then turn that data into the web experiences they crave! Brightfind can help.

Graph results of a constituent survey.
Constituent Survey

A web-based constituent survey is an extremely efficient method of capturing a large amount of feedback in a short amount of time. Surveys allow us to understand constituents' expectations about all aspects of your site, such as findability, searchability, relevancy, timeliness, and more.


Back view of business woman conducting video conference with three people.
Virtual Focus Groups

Where the surveys tell us what your constituents are thinking, Focus Groups allow us to dive deeply into the why. They help you identify your website visitors' needs, goals, and frustrations. Focus groups can easily be transitioned from a board room to a Zoom room; participants will just need to bring their own coffee. 


Lady sitting in front of  a computer on a video call  talking in an animated fashion.
Constituent Interviews

Brightfind will conduct one-on-one phone or Zoom interviews with individuals from each of your major constituency groups. These conversations help to establish visitor preferences, which will be vital in creating compelling digital experiences. 


Pictures of people with different age
Persona Development

Personas represent the different audiences your organization serves. If your organization has already established personas, how has coronavirus changed them? Brightfind will help you craft or modify specific personas that can be used to guide everything from your future messaging, to website design, to the products and publications you develop.  


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More Ways We Can Help

Are you looking for an end-to-end website design and development shop? We’ve got you covered. Let’s talk about digital strategy, design, CMS development, commerce, community, analytics, and support.

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Analytics Assessment

We’ll help your implement or enhance Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, apply cross-domain tracking, create a conversion funnel with goal tracking, and more. We'll show you how to navigate the data and use it to create and enhance user journeys. 


Screen shot of an example of an online card sort
Electronic Card Sort

Card sorting helps you understand how constituents expected to find content grouped, organized, and labeled on your website. This electronic research technique will provide you with valuable user insight and support design updates with data from your own website visitors. 

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Rapid Website Solutions

Brightfind partnered with Episerver to deliver rapid website solutions to frontline customers. Learn more.

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Contact Brightfind

Let us know how we can help. Contact us by form, email, or the old fashioned way at 301-768-1800.


Let's Do This Together.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we think, act, and work. Everyone is adjusting. Let's pivot together. Tell Brightfind how we can help.
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