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Digital Marketing Transformation

Membership-based organizations continue to fight for relevance in an increasingly competitive world delivering connections and content into the palms of their hands. It’s time for associations and technology partners to up our game.

There are dozens – maybe hundreds – of intersecting online behaviors that should be considered in order to have an effective journey. It’s an enormous challenge.

Brightfind is meeting that challenge.

solution_digital_transformation.pngAs digital partners to the association space for more than 25 years, Brightfind understands the value of delivering experiences and content that keep you in the front of your members’ minds. We have more than 100 clients for whom we continue to build world-class digital spaces.

We see the critical role that marketing, and communication teams play in the success of organizations online. We know that measuring success, driving engagement, and delivering value rely on strong, integrated marketing automation. There is a need for a partner to support the market in reaching those goals. Brightfind is filling that need.


In a world filled with data points, how do you make the data work for you? Elevate the information your members want to hear and what you want to say based on their ever-changing behaviors and needs. Traditional marketing automation tools ask you to put users into a box. Rigid categories and personas used to drive mailing lists and campaigns that left potentially loyal members in gaps. Brightfind’s integrated marketing approach gives your members what they want.


Everyday your members wake up to experiences that are driven by what they have read, purchased, viewed, and done. Your organization cannot sustain the relationships you need to drive your industries, professions, and purposes forward without getting to the heart of what your users need with integrated, strategic marketing automation.


Brightfind integrates your solutions using our experience as a long-time industry leader in connecting digital platforms. Save time and increase effectiveness with high-quality marketing messages that address your users as human beings rather than as a list.

Brightfind gives you back time to build the value that matters most instead of wrestling with multiple sets of analytics, disconnected systems, and complex tasks.


Using applications such as Hubspot,, ProFuel, and Tasio - integrated seamlessly with interactions on your website - we can provide a model of member engagement that helps you proide value to all your members, sponsors, and partners.


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Constituents crave connection and collaboration (say that three times fast). Brightfind designs compelling and engaging experiences on the Higher Logic platform to excite your users and draw them in.



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