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Marketing Automation


Make Your Content Magnetic

Draw in visitors, members, and customers with personalized content and tailored experiences. Inbound marketing automation is the tool that makes this magic happen. Inbound marketing is a digital marketing strategy that allows you to reach the right audience in the right place to drive traffic, engagement, and conversions. Instead of interrupting your audience with outbound marketing tactics, inbound marketing automation allows you to form connections more organically with content and solutions your audience is looking for.

  • Leverage the content you already have.
  • Provide the right information, at the right time.
  • Generate better SEO rankings.

Analyze Membership Goals and Execute in Real Time

The more engaged members are with your association, the longer they will stay members, and the more referrals they will generate in your favor.  Marketing automation allows you to collect the data you need to hyper-personalize your engagements and maximize ROI. With these advanced insights, you can pinpoint at-risk members and steer them back on the path to renewal. You can even automate targeted outreach to win back lost members by appealing to their likes and dislikes.

  • Increase member retention.
  • Convert perspectives into loyal members.
  • Win back lapsed members.

Generate Smart Analytics & Reporting

We all know that data can be our best friend for making decisions, or it can just sit in the old system and do nothing to help your members accomplish their goals.  Having data in two, three, or eight different systems, that barely talk to one another to begin with, does not work.  We can help you not only centralize your attendees’ behaviors and actions but can also show you what to do with that data to be able to provide a personalized experience for them during their next interaction with your association.

  • Centralized member actions data reporting
  • Automatic segmentation based on your members’ actions
  • Show dynamic content in your emails and websites, personalized to the individual

Streamline Operations and Reduce Staff Responsibilities

If you have the staff to take on a marketing automation/digital evolution project…great.  Let us strategize with you and you can leverage our years of experience to help point your staff in the right direction.  If you need help with the execution of your plan, we can help there as well, for as little or as long as you need us.

  • Flexible solutions to meet your specific needs
  • DIY or we can provide execution support
  • Ongoing help on your timetable

Making your data and content work doesn’t require any extra time or effort.  Leverage marketing automation today to transform your digital capabilities and generate the ROI you need to thrive.


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