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Associations Helping the Frontlines: ASTHO

January 05, 2021

Image of Lauren Janik By Lauren Janik

Brightfind’s VP of Customer Engagement, Megan McKelvy, talked with ASTHO's Director, Web Services, IT, Heidi Satter about how ASTHO is helping frontline workers navigate the pandemic while keeping up with their “day jobs”.

Seize the Opportunity to Increase Corporate Sponsor Revenue

December 16, 2020

Image of Bruce Rosenthal By Bruce Rosenthal

Associations and not-for-profit organizations can begin to reframe their corporate sponsorship and partnership programs for 2021. Bruce Rosenthal shares how.

Associations on the Frontline: The Council

August 26, 2020

Image of Lauren Janik By Lauren Janik

Hidden in the shadows of essential workers are associations. These organizations work tirelessly around the clock to support members. Learn how one is persisting during COVID-19.

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