Our People

Our name, Brightfind, applies to our people as well as the websites that they create. Meet the Brightfind team!

Meet the Team

Our name, Brightfind, applies to our people as well as the websites that they create – they are bright finds for our agency, and bright minds in the service of our clients. We highly value and appreciate their brilliance and dedication. If you click on their pictures, you'll find out for yourself how interesting and impressive are the people who comprise our Brightfind team!

  • Frank Klassen, CEO

    Frank Klassen CEO

    Frank Klassen - CEO

    [Officially] Frank Klassen has more than three decades of experience in the implementation of information system technologies in a wide variety of business environments, for both private and public sector companies. For the last 20 years, Frank has been focused on helping organizations utilize the web to address critical business processes and increase customer engagement.

    Frank is currently the CEO of Brightfind, formerly Syscom Services, where he is responsible for executing on the vision of the company – to be a nationally recognized creator of digital experiences that deliver provable value to our customers’ customers. Prior to Brightfind, Frank was the VP of Web Technology for Syscom Services. Frank’s current passions are in the areas of Taxonomy, Search, Findability, and Web User Experience Design.

    Prior to joining Syscom Services, Frank was IT Director for the American Council on Education. Frank has many years of experience helping organizations connect to the Internet, with technological expertise in the hardware, software, and telecommunications components of Internet connectivity covering all major computing platforms. He is experienced in the development of highly effective programs for educating non-technical corporate decision makers in the strategic design and implementation of technology systems that support marketing, publications, education, finance, membership, office automation, and other business processes.

    Frank has presented at numerous association industry events including the annual meetings of the American Society of Association Executives, the tradeshows of various technology companies such as Personify (formerly TMA Resources) and Abila (formerly Avectra), as well as industry-specific meetings such as the annual meetings of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), the Hydraulic Institute (HI), and the Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI). His presentations have covered many topics including Ecommerce, Collaboration, Taxonomy, Web Design Best Practices, Content Strategies, and Vendor Relationships.

    Frank has also written many articles for various trade publications, primarily on the subjects of information architecture, taxonomy, and content categorization.

    [Unofficially] Frank is an avid Soccer fan (playing and watching), and enjoys learning about – and consuming – wines from around the world. His two teenage daughters are a great source of amusement, amazement, and pride. His wife Cindy is a Systems Engineer, and is much smarter (and more fun at parties) than he is.

  • Lee Weinstein, Partnerships

    Lee Weinstein Partnerships

    Lee Weinstein - Partnerships

    [Officially] Lee helps lead the client acquisition and strategic partnership team for Brightfind.

    Previously Lee served as President of Syscom Services from 1997 to 2014. Before joining Syscom Services, he spent 13 years with Automated Digital Systems (ADS), an integrator of duplication and fax technologies, where he rose to president and owner of the company (ADS was sold to Alco Standard Corporation which became Ikon Office Solutions).

    Lee has been appointed to advisory councils for Xerox, Intel/Dialogic, Sharp Electronics, Ektron, Captaris/Rightfax, Murata Business Systems, Brooktrout Technologies, Panasonic Electronics and is a former Chair of the Technology Council of the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE). Lee is currently the Chairman of ASAE's Industry Partner Alliance Council and Co-Chairs their Technology Committee.

    Lee has sat on the Board of Governors of the University of Maryland Alumni Association and was the former Chair of the Alumni Association's Admissions Committee. He has served on the Board of EagleBank since 1998 and as a Director on the Board of Eagle Bancorp (NASDAQ:EGBN) since May 2005. Lee is involved in numerous charities and currently sits on the Foundation Board of Suburban Hospital (Johns Hopkins Medicine), was a member of the Board of Directors of the Jewish Federation of Washington, and was Programming Chair of the Washington Federation’s Technology Group and Co-Chairman of its Business and Entrepreneur Division. He is a graduate of the Harvard Business School's OPM program, and holds a bachelor's degree in Industrial Technology/Marketing from the University of Maryland.

    [Unofficially] From Cuba (legally) to China, Lee enjoys to travel and see this country and others whenever possible. Last year he completed a lifelong goal of visiting all 50 states before he reached 50. His favorite trips are the ones he takes with his wife and two kids.

  • Brian Maslanka, VP of Development

    Brian Maslanka VP of Development

    Brian Maslanka - VP of Development

    [Officially] Recently joining Brightfind as one of the new owners, Brian brings a background of 36 years in System Engineering, Software Development, and Project Management from the client services market place. This experience has given him a unique rich education and readiness to support our growth and execution for Brightfind clients. Brian is focused on mentoring, skill development, delivering services, and growing the team to meet expanding client market needs.

    [Unofficially] Brian enjoys the rural outdoors and home and auto handyman projects. At home, he can often be seen gardening with one of his favorite tools, an ax. He is crazy about family, spending time with his wife and always looks forward to visits with his two accomplished daughters!

  • Cindy Denchfield, VP of Customer Care

    Cindy Denchfield VP of Customer Care

    Cindy Denchfield - VP of Customer Care

    [Officially] Cindy Denchfield has been in the information technology project management and systems engineering business for twenty-five years. Cindy enjoys working with customers and has an extensive background bridging the gap between customer needs and technology solutions. A key strength for Cindy is her ability to foster communication between business people and technical people. Cindy has led several projects including software development and test teams, business process analysis tasks ahead of major acquisitions, technology systems preplanning, and technology transfer. In addition, she has years of proposal writing experience prior to joining MITRE. Cindy is a quick study of issues and technologies in organizations, and she is able to collect, synthesize, and analyze information and provide analysis in a format that communicates issues and recommendations to a variety of audiences, as well as lead and manage tasks to completion in agile project environments.

    Prior to joining Brightfind, Cindy worked for MITRE Corporation for 8.5 years supporting large US Government IT development projects with a focus on project management best practices and performance management techniques to ensure that user-facing web application development supports the best outcome for the user experience.

    Cindy has a Bachelor’s degree in economics and a Master’s degree in Systems Engineering with an emphasis on technical team management.

    [Unofficially] Cindy believes in making the most of every moment. She grew up singing, playing violin, and playing dodgeball, but is most proud of winning the third grade tetherball championship. These days she enjoyed riding her bicycle to and from work when the weather cooperates. She loves dancing and learning about music from her beautiful daughters. She loves being a mom and enjoys working with young people because they make her feel like the world is in good hands.

  • Roberto Hinojosa, Project Manager

    Roberto Hinojosa Project Manager

    Roberto Hinojosa - Project Manager

    [Officially] Roberto has worked in the commercial and nonprofit sectors managing creative and technical projects for over 15 years. He enjoys the interdisciplinary nature of the website development process, and guiding projects from inception through launch. He derives great satisfaction from collaborating with teams to find elegant and effective solutions for projects.

    [Unofficially] Outside of work, he dabbles in various creative processes, including drawing, painting, and hand lettering. He enjoys exploring the outdoors and wants to hike as many trails as possible in Shenandoah National Park in the next year. Given a choice between a movie and an art museum, he will usually pick the museum.

  • Megan McKelvy, VP of Customer Engagement

    Megan McKelvy VP of Customer Engagement

    Megan McKelvy - VP of Customer Engagement

    [Officially] As the VP of Customer Engagement at Brightfind, Megan provides expert leadership and strategic oversight to our web solutions engagements. Megan has more than 16 years of experience leading comprehensive web strategy, information architecture, graphic design, and usability projects for clients both domestically and abroad. Before joining Brightfind, Megan launched and managed Personify Interactive, a successful web division of Personify, Inc. Personify Interactive was acquired by Brightfind in early 2015, creating incredible synergy for our clients. Megan earned her degree in Marketing from James Madison University with concentration in International Business and French. Megan often presents at various workshops and summits across the country, and is actively involved in DC Web Women, Usability Professionals Association, Information Architecture Institute and the American Society of Association Executives.

    [Unofficially] Outside of work, Megan enjoys spending time with her husband and three young boys. When not on the football, basketball, soccer or lacrosse fields, Megan and her family take every opportunity they can to travel. As a Pittsburgh native, Megan is a huge Steelers fan, and yes . . . she eats fries on her sammich ;)

  • Emily Witt, VP of Professional Services

    Emily Witt VP of Professional Services

    Emily Witt - VP of Professional Services

    [Officially] Emily is passionate about the web and believes in the power of a strong user experience and the ability to enhance administrative prowess through the use of technology. She has demonstrated moxie in the conceptualization, execution, and delivery of high-end web projects for eight years through dynamic communication, innovation, and a true excitement for the work. As the VP of Professional Services for Brightfind, she takes on the business analysis and strategy work for web engagements and has led the successful launches of many websites including the Society of Actuaries (SOA), United Service Organization (USO), and American Chemistry Council (ACC). Emily is a contributor to the greater web community, speaking on Brightfind's behalf at various events and conferences about web strategy, web project management, and the Crossover role. She has a Bachelors (BA) in Communication Studies & Spanish from Winona State University and an MA in Organizational Communications from DePaul University.

    [Unofficially] Emily is a born and raised Wisconsinite (go Packers & Badgers!), transplanted to DC. She firmly believes weekends are for fun and relaxation and that the best of times are spent with family and friends. Emily is the self-proclaimed "world’s greatest aunt," author of a food blog featuring the Columbia Heights farmers market, a semi-avid reader, and a movie aficionado. In her time away from web trends and project management, you can find Emily exploring the DC brunch scene, scrolling through the newest round of baby pictures featuring her nephew Sam, and probably whipping up her latest recipe idea in the kitchen (fingers crossed!).

  • Vince Tardy, Creative Director

    Vince Tardy Assistant VP, Product Design

    Vince Tardy - Creative Director

    [Officially] Vince has a B.S. from James Madison University where he studied communications and studio art. He has over twelve years of experience in web and interaction design. During his career, he has worked on initiatives for clients such as the United States Marine Corps, the American Chemical Society, the National Electrical Contractors Association, and the Association for Convenience & Fuel Retailing. As a freelancer, he has worked primarily with non-profits and associations including Emofra Africa, InterAction, and Education for Hope.

    As a Visual Communications instructor at Sanford-Brown college, he taught a number of courses, including Art History, Advanced Web Design, and Design Theory.

    [Unofficially] Vince loves straight-ahead jazz, 1960s Blue Note album covers, and the warm hiss and pop of Yacht Rock on vinyl. He spends most of his time in his back yard, perfecting his grilled pizza recipies, or hosting burger and wine pairings for his friends. According to his coffee mug, he's apparently the "#1 Dad."

  • Kelvin Ward, Associate Creative Director

    Kelvin Ward Associate Creative Director

    Kelvin Ward - Associate Creative Director

    [Officially] Kelvin has over 15 years of professional experience working with commercial, government, and large associations designing for the web and digital channels. He provides extensive experience in visual design, user interface design, and creative web solutions whose conceptual skills and talent have produced award-winning work for a wide range client base for associations. Kelvin is currently a creative lead on major digital design projects, as well as establishing digital design standards and best practices for Brightfind. In addition, he believes design is about solving problems and it must begin with strategy and information architectural discovery, before the creative process can begin.

    Before joining Brightfind, Kelvin worked as a Manager of Creative Design leading creative projects exclusively for associations and not-for-profit organizations. His primary focus was on visual design strategy, mentoring and directing a design team toward the successful launch of some amazing experiences.

    [Unofficially] Kelvin is an avid Bowhunter. As a hunter he is passionate about the sport and has great respect and appreciation for the challenges of hunting with a bow and arrow. Every year, he travels to central Ohio for a weeklong hunt. He aspires with focus and determination to encounter a trophy whitetail monster buck. He also enjoys the fellowship with his fellow hunters on their quest together in the great outdoors. Kelvin is a devoted family man. As a father of three, he finds his greatest joy in spending time with his kids. He is an inspiration to his daughter who is an aspiring artist, a life coach to his teenage son preparing him for collegiate level football, and a mentor to his adult son lending his wisdom for a successful life.

  • Peggy Maslanka, HR Counselor

    Peggy Maslanka Communications and HR Specialist 

    Peggy Maslanka - Communications and HR Specialist

    [Officially] -- Peggy has worked in writing and editing for over two decades, although she is relatively new to Brightfind. An editor, then an instructional designer at Deltek, she wrote and edited technical and training materials primarily for the web. At Global Commerce Solutions, Peggy served as a Congressional and Office of Foreign Labor Certification correspondence writer until leaving to pursue a degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, which she completed in 2013.

    In her work as the Communications and HR Specialist at Brightfind, Peggy incorporates both her counseling and writing skills. By providing online writing and editing services that invite conversation and offer honest help, she enables Brightfind’s customers to reach out effectively to their constituencies and to the larger world.

    [Unofficially] – Peggy loves to visit her daughters in Boston and New Orleans, but still hopes they move back to the D.C. area someday. She doesn’t enjoy running, or any other exercise particularly, but manages to huff and puff her way through a few miles every so often. What she really likes is to engage in lively conversations with friends and family, preferably over a glass or two of wine, or at least coffee. Peggy is an avid reader, and enjoys life in the country where the snow never gets dirty, open windows cool the house all summer, and the sky is always a pretty color.

  • Christy Keosombath, Office Manager

    Christy Keosombath Office Manager

    Christy Keosombath - Office Manager

    [Officially] Christy Keosombath has been with Brightfind for over 18 years. As the Office Manager, Christy plays a central role in client support and maintenance contract renewals, onboarding and setting up new employees, and ordering all office supplies.

    [Unofficially] When Christy is not buzzing in coworkers who lost their office keys, she can be found with her daughter, Macy. She loves Asian food, and her favorite spot in Silver Spring is Copper Canyon Grill. In recent years, she has miraculously avoided participating in the Brightfind athletic teams.

  • Jesse Stryker, Client Services Manager

    Jesse Stryker Client Services Manager

    Jesse Stryker - Client Services Manager

    [Officially] Jesse oversees the Client Services department, where the daily client interactions include bug reporting, general troubleshooting, quality assurance, feature requests and mid-level project requests. He brings over seven years of business analysis, project management and end user training experience to the department. Prior to that he was a website content manager for a local newsletter company and has experience in the association world where he managed an Online Career & Employment Services department. He holds a B.S. in Marketing from George Mason University and is Ektron Admin certified.

    [Unofficially] Jesse’s fashion sense may be stuck in the 80s (we can’t tell if he’s dressed for work or a hair-metal show), but he’s a friendly fellow and his jokes aren’t always terrible. We occasionally see him sneak off to the local used record store to get his music fix or we find him talking to the guys about the upcoming softball game. At home he does all the cooking, all the cleaning, all the laundry, pays the bills, walks the dogs, and has an amazing wife who’ll make him sleep on the couch if she ever reads this.

  • Pinkesh Jain - Developer

    Pinkesh Jain Developer

    Pinkesh Jain - Developer

    [Officially] Pinkesh has been coding professionally for eight years, joining Brightfind as a backend developer in early 2015. He earned a Master’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Suny Binghamton, State University of New York, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics and Telecommunication from Saurashtra University in India. He possesses a background in CSS and JavaScript, and enjoys collaboration with the front-end team to create innovative solutions on a tight timeline.

    [Unofficially] Pinkesh likes to spend time with his wife and two young sons. He and his family travel back to India once every two years or so. He loves collaborating, and gathers likeminded people to bring great ideas to solve complex problems.

  • Sai Ede, Senior Developer

    Sai Ede Senior Developer

    Sai Ede - Senior Developer

    [Officially] Sai has over 8 years of experience in developing and quality assuring web based applications. Prior to Brightfind, Sai held positions at Ektron as an Application Engineer, Software Engineer, and Support Engineer. He is a certified Sitecore developer and loves to create beautiful websites that deliver a great user experience. Sai has a keen interest in all things technology, from web development to information technology, which has served him well in his career. Sai specializes in .NET, SQL, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, HTML, and PHP.

    [Unofficially] Sai loves playing cricket, table tennis, tennis and almost all games. In his free time, he likes to go for drives and hang out with friends. Sai enjoys water rides and sports.

  • Sandra Dumas, Senior Front-end Developer

    Sandra Dumas Senior Front-end Developer

    Sandra Dumas - Senior Front-end Developer

    [Officially] Sandra has twenty years experience in web development in addition to a background in business management. Prior to joining Brightfind she was Director of Venable Neslage Galleries in Washington, D.C.. She is passionate about web development and excited by the constanly evolving methods and technolgies for web content delivery.

    [Unofficially] Sandra is a part-time musician (weekends), a guitar collector and enthusiast, and has built many of the guitars she uses for performing.

  • Jeremy Bates, Front-end Developer

    Jeremy Bates Front-end Developer

    Jeremy Bates - Front-end Developer

    [Officially] Jeremy, a hybrid developer/designer, has been crafting websites for more than 10 years. Prior to working at Brightfind, Jeremy has coded for Science Magazine and Politico, as well as for several global pharmaceutical entities. He is dedicated to staying abreast of industry trends and advancements, and constantly bolsters his skills. Jeremy graduated from the University of Maryland in 2002 with a degree in psychology.

    [Unofficially] Jeremy came to web work via journalism—first by convincing two small Bay Area papers to get him Major League Baseball press passes, then publishing his own paper in the Haight Ashbury, and eventually building news websites. He is a genealogy buff descended from Stephen Hopkins, a Mayflower passenger who was the basis for the character Stephano in Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Jeremy lives in Friendship Heights with his lovely wife Jessica and regal cat Stormy.

  • Robyn Bortz, Senior Project Manager

    Robyn Bortz Senior Project Manager