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Brightfind World Usability Day
November 12, 2020

World Usability Day Presentations

World Usability Day November 12, 2020

Frank Klassen and Megan McKelvy open up a day of presentations. Discover fun facts about World Usability Day. Plus, hear some interesting statistics about Artificial Intelligence.

How Human-Centered AI Impacts Your Professional Life

Whether you like it, are intrigued by it, or terrified of it, artificial intelligence is already a part of your professional (and personal for that matter) daily life. Learn how it is affecting your work and how to take advantage of it to help you work smarter and faster.

Build Better Content Recommendations with NLP and AI

Discover the power of combining behavioral interactions with a strong data strategy. Learn how the winning combination enables you to deliver personalized web content that is tailored to individuals’ unique interests and motivations.

The Power of Intelligence:  Using AI to Drive Results

As machine learning matures, new tools are emerging to help associations learn about website visitors’ behavior and intent. Discover how this superior intelligence enables organizations to build customer-centric marketing strategies that drive success.

How Automation and AI Enhances the Usability of Sitefinity DXP

Watch how the Sitefinity Digital Experience Platform (DXP) makes use of machine learning and other technology to deliver seamless, personalized website experiences. Sitefinity will showcase how to take a strategic approach to digital experiences.