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Frank Klassen, Brightfind CEO
Frank Klassen, CEO

Frank empowers organizations to harness the web to attain their goals and fulfill their mission. As CEO, he is responsible for executing Brightfind's vision, which is to be a nationally recognized creator of digital experiences that deliver provable value to our customers’ customers. 

Megan McKelvy, Brightfind's VP of Customer Engagement
Megan McKelvy, VP of Customer Engagement
Megan provides expert leadership and strategic oversight to our web solutions engagements. Holding a dual role, Megan also leads Brightfind’s business development, sales, and marketing efforts.
Ola Elrefai photo
Ola Elrefai, Creative Director
Ola is a digital strategist who specializes in developing innovative web design solutions that maximize and enhance user-experiences. As the Creative Director, Ola leads the design team to ensure that optimal functionality is top of mind, all digital solutions are produced at the highest-level and best practices are being followed.