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Black Lives Matter

Statement of purpose to fight racism and encourage diversity and Nonviolence.

The following email was sent to Brightfind clients on June 12, 2020.

Brightfind supports Black Lives Matter. Brightfind stands with our black colleagues, customers, and community. 
We abhor the underlying and systemic racism that exists in this country. We are outraged by the use of excessive police force and the use of institutional mechanisms to inflict violence and oppression against others, especially blacks, but also others such as ethnic, religious, gender, and socioeconomic minorities. Although the roots of racism are deep and wide, we believe they can and must be uprooted. 
Given this, Brightfind plans to take a much more active role in the fight against racism, and to promote diversity and economic equality.  Here are some of the steps we’re taking:
  • Brightfind’s owners have enrolled in diversity, bias awareness, and anti-racism training.  This knowledge will empower us to become better leaders in our business and in our communities.

  • Brightfind will be making donations to organizations that support causes in alignment with this sentiment. We will be asking staff for input on worthy recipients.

  • Brightfind will encourage employees to use their existing volunteer service benefits to think, reflect, and act on these injustices by participating in their own self-awareness and improvement and/or by joining non-violent protests and rallies for these causes.

  • Brightfind has started an internal BLM Slack channel and is encouraging staff to post articles, book recommendations, and other helpful resources.

  • Brightfind pledges to listen, learn, and continually look for additional opportunities to improve.

I’ve been inspired by the actions of so many of our clients these past few weeks. I look forward to continuing the dialogue as we all work toward a better future.
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Frank Klassen