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Tactical and Strategic

Small Marketing Teams: Find Your Balance Between Tactical and Strategic

Marketers on small teams are responsible for fulfilling a plethora of roles within the development of marketing campaigns and business strategy. They must be strategic enough to develop, pitch, and lead execution of marketing plans, and at the same time, tactical enough to implement ground level execution of approved business plans. The balance of strategic and tactical can be one of the most challenging aspects of successful marketing. Christie Gundam explains how you can do both effectively.

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Style Guide How To

Why Your Organization Needs a Style Guide and How to Create One

Your brand is more than just your logo, it is the embodiment of your value to your constituents. Every word, every font, every color, and every tone you present to the world reinforces, or fails to reinforce your brand. In Peggy Maslanka's new e-book, she explains the importance of, and provides a step-by-step process for creating a style guide to establish and reinforce your brand and to set good writing standards for your organization.

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Crossover Role

Introducing The Crossover Role

Emily Witt's latest ebook introduces the Crossover Role, details the act of crossing over, and defines new rules of engagement. The crossing over of roles is itself a transformation with implications that impact everyone’s role in web.

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